The Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) is the leading international trade organisation representing the home technology industry.

CEDIA members specialise in the planning, design, supply and installation, integration and concealment of automated electronic systems for the modern, intelligent home.

Technology can be a standout feature in a space, or blend transparently into the environment so that it doesn’t detract from the flow of the design. Either way, a CEDIA member will ensure that the integrity of your project is never compromised and the technology is seamlessly integrated.

They can install anything from multi-room audio and home cinema systems to complete home networks and sub-systems which intelligently control lighting, security and HVAC.

Getting to Know the Terminology

Where technology is involved there is a seemingly endless supply of abbreviations and technical terms. CEDIA has created a FREE document to enable design professionals to better understand the terminology used in the Home Technology Industry. This document should be used as guidance only. Some of the terms have been simplified from extremely technical terms.

Download your FREE copy.

You can also find an interesting paper explaining 4K and why it matters, download your FREE copy.

Designing Integrated Future-Ready Homes CPD Presentation

CEDIA’s CPD course is aimed at design professionals enabling you to expand your knowledge of residential home technology installation; exploring the processes involved and the advantages of working with a professional integrator at the start of a project. This CPD has been accredited by RIBA since 2006; as new technologies emerge these are incorporated in to the CPD. The course offers you the opportunity to discover how to integrated home technologies for now and the future.

If you would like to have the CEDIA CPD presented to your practice, please email cpd@cedia.co.uk.

Recommended Wiring Guidelines

CEDIA's FREE Recommended Wiring Guidelines document provides specifiers with information on the cabling infrastructure necessary to support the technology typically required for the modern home.

This publication provides a useful and practical step-by-step guide. It identifies the key requirements for an installation and defines three grades of recommended cabling infrastructure.

This document outlines the incoming services and the planning, cabling and testing essentials which should be followed for each Grade. The most expensive cable that can be installed is the one that did not get installed in the first place. The guidelines will help ensure cabling infrastructure is installed correctly the first time, avoiding costly mistakes.

Download your FREE copy http://www.cedia.org/recommended-wiring-guidelines.


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New video reveals how to wire for a Smarter home

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Reviewed: Smart Home technology CPD

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