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posted on Friday, 20th July 2018 by Sophia Ahmadi

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The lauded hand of Phillipe Starck, alongside producer Claude Louzon, has taken another wacky and adventurous idea to a new level with Miss Ko; an Asian-centric concept restaurant located on George V in the heart of the golden triangle of Paris.

The restaurant, which unfolds over 500m2, emulating a street from Blade Runner, provides a snapshot of Asian street life with all the hustle and bustle that it encompasses. Immediately absorbed into a futuristic world, Miss Ko, more 'an evolving installation than décor, provides a layered space where technology and art merge into one artistic form.

Here the customer is invited to immerse all senses, most importantly the imagination, for a truly stimulating and multi-sensory experience which is guided by its interior design; a showcase of light, art, video, technology and food which all combine to create one unique and enigmatic aesthetic.

Pulling back the curtain one enters a parallel dimension, an almost oriental version of the fabled Alice in Wonderland, with giant teapot lights and parasols hanging from above. However, here our guide into Wonderland is a faceless nude Eurasian with a Yakuza-Style full body suit, Miss Ko.

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Commissioned by award-winning London graphics firm Gregory Bonner Hale and designed by Horikitsune, a former apprentice in the Japanese art of irezumi, the full body tattoo of Miss Ko symbolises Asian traditions. She is the muse of the interior, the host for the night.

Light and video play essential roles in the restaurant's composition. From video projections of animated grains of rice that move and converge to convey the Miss Ko logo to the gigantic faces above the reception desk that morph into one another, the design emulates the perpetual pulsation synonymous with an alleyway somewhere in Asia.

"A snapshot of Asian street life with all the hustle and bustle that it encompasses... a futuristic world"

A long rectangular bar takes centre stage with a surface continuously diffusing Asian news channels over hundreds of screens, creating a platform of misinformation. This is then punctuated by the fluid and colourful passage of a dragon created by Label Dalbin.

The design's use of contrasting extends throughout the restaurant and is echoed in the fusion of contemporary and far-eastern furnishings as well as lighting designer Jean Philippe Bourdon's play on light and darkness.

Through his use of spotlighting the focal points of the staging he emphasises the collision of colour and grey throughout the restaurant. The giant fresco by David Rochline is another integral part of the design. Composed of a chaotic amalgamation of images, the fresco serves as Rochline's own interpretation of Miss Ko,  disconcerting yet simultaneously beautiful.

All elements of the design serve to solidify the Miss Ko identity, one which exudes oriental character and is yet simultaneously indefinable. It is a chaotic space of intrigue which is continuously evolving and stimulating.

Inside ID Ratings
Interior design: 10/10
Food & drink: 8/10
Service: 7/10
Value: 7/10

We say: Theatrical and spectacular, this entertaining experiential restaurant will be a highlight to any Paris visit.

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Our international roving reporter is interested in art, culture, fashion and design. Benefiting from the inside knowledge from her highly successful restaurateur father, she brings a greater insight into design than merely considering the aesthetic.

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