Why it’s a dim idea to leave lighting design till last

posted on Friday, 22nd August 2014 by Steve May

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People too often leave lighting till the end of their interior design project and miss the opportunity of really setting off their work. That’s the message from independent lighting retailer The Lighting Store, and it’s easy to sympathise. Inspired lighting can transform a room and designers really should allocate time to planning and budgeting an appropriate lighting scheme.

"Lighting sets the tone and ambience of a room, all too often people spend time and money carefully planning the décor of a room but forget to think about lighting. It can be a big and expensive mistake to leave lighting till the end", says the store’s Kenny Collins.

"Make lighting a priority, all too often people spend hours choosing a shade of white paint but spend no time thinking about lighting,” he advises. “Rows of halogen or LED spots are dull and probably don't do the job they are supposed to. If you are spending time, effort and money on your home décor make sure you plan your lighting properly. Different rooms need different lights for different tasks and areas and a beautiful light can make all the difference."

The Lighting Store is used to working closely with interior designers to make sure that the lighting enhances a scheme: “Many of our customers have designed a whole room around a statement light - our buyers search the world for designs not seen elsewhere and our experienced team can advise on the best lights for your interior.”

Collins says the company can also create bespoke lights as required. “We work with most of the world's finest lighting companies and often commission them to create lights for our clients. Most recently we worked with an Italian designer to create the new light at the entrance of Madame Tussauds.” The company also works on commercial projects for retailers, hotels, restaurants and commercial buildings, says Collins.

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