Trend watch: Get a country feel for your urban kitchen

posted on Wednesday, 26th July 2017 by Geny Caloisi

Kitchen  John Lewis of Hungerford  Shaker 


The Shaker style has become a design classic for achieving an elegant country kitchen look. John Lewis of Hungerford has been designing and making luxury fitted kitchens since 1972, and its expertise shows beautifully in the new range of Shaker kitchens.

Embracing the beauty of wooden cabinetry, skill and experience are applied by its accomplished craftsmen to create an elevated level of detail and finish when it comes to these kitchens.

As trends evolve and develop, this style has remained ever popular due to its timeless combination of simplicity and beauty in design. With a vast array of stunning paint colours and antique finishes to choose from, John Lewis of Hungerford’s paint collection allows you to select the perfect colour whether you’re looking to the latest trends for up-to-date modern design or hoping to colour match an exact shade you’ve long been coveting.

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The latest photography looks to reinvent the classic country kitchen with elegant Shaker cabinets painted in subtle grey and soft ivory accents that break up the block use of tonal colour.

Cool tones of grey are the ideal neutral colour to embrace in the kitchen, offering an effortless chic look that will stand the test of time. With each kitchen created bespoke to the individual needs of the customer, custom details can be introduced to truly tailor the kitchen design to your lifestyle. Specially designed display shelving and ceramic storage racks are integrated into this modern Shaker kitchen to provide a unique display that reveals hints of personality. Whether you’re in the countryside or deep in the city, the bespoke Shaker kitchen from John Lewis of Hungerford can provide that perfect balance of classic country in the modern home.

John Lewis of Hungerford craftsmen are based at its Oxfordshire workshop. Every piece of furniture is handcrafted to meet every customer’s needs. 

The Shaker Kitchen range from John Lewis of Hungerford start at £25,000 inc. vat

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Posted by Kevin Leach on 19th August 2017, 11:41 AM
Our kitchen decor should be unique and innovative so that it can easily catch the attention of viewers. During the plan of the house simultaneously we are planning for attractive and decorative kitchens. Modular kitchens are also quite popular in urban kitchens, here from this article, we can get some taste of urban kitchens and while following these instructions, we can easily build a great kitchen.

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