Cornflake offers high-tech window treatments that will blow your mind

posted on Friday, 1st May 2015 by Steve May

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If you’re looking for innovative window treatments, take a look at what technology and lifestyle specialist Cornflake has to offer. The company’s window-treatment room showcases a wide variety of dressing solutions for windows of all shapes and sizes, with a focus on security and wellbeing.  From the latest in solarchromic glass, ideal if you need to bring privacy to a room, to automated curtains, the showroom offers plenty of inspiration for designers on the cutting edge.

"Curtains and blinds have to deliver on a number of levels; as well as providing shade; retaining heat and blocking light they are also a key element of the interior design scheme and an essential security deterrent,” says Cornflake’s resident interior designer Phillip Hine. “We spend a great deal of time helping clients to select the most appropriate drapes and automating them to suit their lifestyles."   

Cornflake’s London-based SmartAPPartment is famous for its innovative design solutions. From smart fabric wall coverings to luxury full-length curtains, stylish roman blinds to functional room dividers, it offers a rich palette of ideas to show clients what's possible when you mix technology with clever design.

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But that's not the half of it. There’s also opaque glass and acoustic fabrics, black-out blinds and privacy sheers; what’s more, all can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet. A tour of the appartment is nothing short of revelatory.

Hine, available at the Smart APPartment for private consultations, says he takes “great pleasure” in helping clients to achieve the perfect look for their own windows. When specifying the fabrics Hine had no hesitation in recommending JAB Anstoetz for the whole project. Specified products include Roman blind (Carlucci) beneath curtains (Sheer Wave); room divider curtains (Jab Stromboli and Jab Harris); Jab Carlucci curtains on the Lutron pole and Jab Edison Fabric walling. In the dedicated lighting room the roman blinds are Jab Carlucci Beyond.

Blinds Small

For more on Cornflake’s design solutions and services, visit our partner page here.

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As a homeowner, my first priority is to make my home attractive and keep it in good condition. So I would like to follow different types of instruction on home repair and maintenance. Especially in the case of doors and windows, we need to take some of the important steps which improve the door and window condition. Here from this article also we can get some quick overview on how to do window treatment.

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