These artisan lampshades are officially cosmic

posted on Friday, 19th September 2014 by Steve May

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Offering lighting design on a truly cosmic scale, Starry Light lamps by Anagraphic combine local illumination with a projected star field effect to create a truly unique atmosphere. The Starry Light lamp collection is the work of Budapest-based designer duo Anna Farkas and Miklós Batisz (pictured below). The collection is based on graphic designer Anna’s original idea of a lampshade as an art piece that reflects the night sky.

The effect is created by the drilling the hemispheric shade and then using a custom LED light source which emits lightbeams of different strength both upwards and downwards. The result is bright enough to create  both a direct light source, as well as the immersive starfield effect. 

All Starry Light lamps are handmade in Budapest. They're available in four RAL colours (Matt White, Glossy White, Matt Black, Pearl Violet, Peral Gold)and feature hand drawn signs on the inner surface of the shade, to make the constellations recognizable. Every Starry Light is signed and numbered.

The original Starry Light shades picture the constellations of the Northern Hemisphere’s two equinoxes and solstices. However custom constellations can be created according to the geographical space, date and time specified by the customer, should a more personal, starry night lamp be required. Prices start at Euros 907.

Starrylight _black Crop

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