Radiator Company design trio promote industrial chic

posted on Monday, 11th August 2014 by Steve May



Combining a slick industrial aesthetic with slim functionality, these new urban radiator designs from The Radiator Company could help redefine your living space. The Halo, Seta Line and Seta Groove are nothing if not dramatic, and they promise excellent energy efficiency too.

The Seta Line and Seta Groove employ dual tube technology which effectively increases their surface area, producing lower water content and high heat outputs. Both models also feature hollow tubes that draw air in from the bottom and out through the top, significantly improving air circulation and heat distribution. The cylindrical Halo is best used in open plan spaces; the Seta Line is rather more angular and Seta Groove curvaceous.

Halo Satinato

The 190 x 1500mm Halo in metallic silver (pictured above) has a BTU output of 4621, and retails for £902. The matt black Seta Groove (pictured top) is priced at £1,212 and measures 600 x 1100mm; it has a BTU output of 4893. The Seta Line vertical (pictured bottom) measures 1820 x 440mm, is shown in metallic silver and has a BTU of 5896; it’s priced at £1,628.

Seta _round _vert

For more information and availability, call The Radiator Company on 01342 302250.

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