India fabric collection celebrates Asian culture

posted on Friday, 26th July 2013 by David Slater

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Creative textile designer Julia Brendel, uses tones and intricate patterns beautifully inspired by the artistic influences that Asian culture has on the world, to create India – an alluring and charismatic fabric collection. In India, colours play an important decorative and also symbolical role in everyday life. Julia celebrates colour in her Indian pattern by using rich dyes that complement the sumptuous, lavish feel of this silk fabric. Yellow stands for sanctity, representing knowledge and acumen whereas Gold is used to represent passion for the precious metal in India. Green equates to the harvest or a new beginning and it is a manifestation of God. It also symbolises peace and happiness. Blue is the colour of rivers, seas and the sky, it’s also associated with Lord Krishna and other Gods. Pink is the colour of the beautiful city of Jaipur and stands for its hospitality, it’s also the colour of a Rani (Indian queen). 

Produced by master craftsman in the UK, the fabrics are created using the traditional method of the jacquard weaving technique to enable most of the India Collection to be fully reversible, so the pattern can be enjoyed on both sides in its reverse colour combination. The pattern is weaved into luxurious silks, a cotton upholstery version, an elegant silk blend and a vibrantly coloured and richly textured chenille.

The India Collection is ideal for upholstery, curtains, blinds and cushion covers. Pricesrange from £94/m for cotton viscose mix, and £156.00/m for the silk, viscose mix. 
T: 01795 599 840

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