Investment trend: Basement spa business booms in the UK

posted on Wednesday, 2nd August 2017 by Geny Caloisi

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Stress levels around the world are on the rise. According to a survey spanning 15 countries by the Regus Group, six out of every ten workers in significant global economies are experiencing increased stress in the workplace. Those working for larger companies were the most likely to experience stress, with the likelihood almost double that of smaller companies.

Aqua Platinum, a swimming pool design and build specialists, which works throughout London and Southern England, has seen a surge on the request for private basement spas.

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“As our world becomes more stressful, we’ve noticed an increase in people seeking new ways to combat stress. Homes are becoming sanctuaries from the outside world and one notable result of this is the boom in basement spas that we’re currently witnessing,” said Dominic Searle, Senior Design Consultant, Aqua Platinum

Basement spas make sense for a number of reasons. The stress-busting advantages of having your own on-site Jacuzzi and steam room are obvious, but there are also economic reasons why creating a home spa in your basement is a good idea. This is particularly true in some pricier areas.

Ed Mead, directorat state agents Douglas & Gordon commented, “A basement costs circa £500 per square foot to build and then you have to fit it out, so once an area gets beyond an average value of circa £750 per square foot it makes sense. Most areas in the doughnut around central London are now well over £750 per square foot, with £1,000 not unusual, making these investments very good value.” 

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Rising house prices in London have led to a surge in planning applications to dig basements in recent years, with 887 applications to build basements on residential properties submitted in 2015. The figure was up by a quarter on year before and nearly double that of the 2007 pre-crisis peak, according to figures from Glenigan.

One of the most well-known basement planning permission applicants last year was Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich. The Russian tycoon was granted permission to expand the basement beneath his mansion in Kensington in order to fit in a larger swimming pool.

Swimming pools are one of the most popular elements of home spas, according to the experts at luxury swimming pool design and build company Aqua Platinum, but complementary facilities are increasingly sought after.

“Swimming pools can be designed to suit almost any space – there’s a vast amount of flexibility when it comes to shape and size. We’ve seen a trend recently for home owners to opt for smaller pools in order to make room for other spa elements, such as steam rooms and experience showers. Many property owners are looking for the full spa experience, to bolster the enjoyment and fitness benefits of owning a private swimming pool,” said Searle.

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Not far from Roman Abramovich’s Kensington pad, Aqua Platinum was appointed to design and build a high-tech indoor swimming pool and sauna at Burnsall House in Chelsea.

The largest detached home to have built in Chelsea for nearly a decade, Burnsall House was a special home in many ways and the design of its basement spa was no exception. The seamless transition from interior wall to pool on three sides took some careful planning. The result was a stunning, bespoke pool that exudes calm and peace.

With massage jets in the pool and a superb sauna alongside it, the basement spa complex offers the ideal antidote to the stresses and strains of modern life. It perfectly encapsulates the trend for turning homes into sanctuaries to combat rising global stress levels.

Geny Caloisi

Geny Caloisi is a technology and interiors journalist who has worked across a variety of industry publications.

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