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posted on Friday, 25th October 2019 by Steve May

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Department store destination Smartech has opened a cutting-edge concession designed by leading British designer Robert Storey, previously of Prada, Hermes and Off-White.

Covering 200sqm, the new outlet offers a browseable mix of technology, art and culture products, hinting at what lifestyles may look like in the not-so-distant future.

Incorporating contemporary and sustainable influences, the Smartech innovation space offers an intoxicating mix of futurism and sustainability. The Smartech concession is the largest experiential shop-in-shop at the iconic London department store.

Inside ID attended the opening of the event, at London’s iconic department store, and revelled in its playground feel. Robot bartenders serve beverages (admittedly they rather take their time, and don’t have the flair of Tom Cruise in Cocktail), while smart-art uses sensors to mimic form and function.



In total, there are over 80 curated cutting-edge innovation pieces on display. This is clearly the place to visit if you want to see IoT, FemTech, Augmented Reality, VR and AI.
“Everybody is talking about innovation, but you don’t have a physical space to try, discover and buy,” says Founder Jacov Nachtailer. “People come to Selfridges to discover, which is why they’re the perfect partner for Smartech, to amaze and amuse their customers with the world’s latest innovations.”

Growing from 7sqm, to 45, 90 and now to 200sqm, since 2016, Smartech has aggressively reimagined the tech retail experience. What we have here is a curated concept store.

“As the digital revolution continues to transform everything from politics to pop music, we want give people who create things a platform to tell their story and shine light on new ideas. Pushing the boundaries of where tech, art and creation collide has been a driving force behind our success,” says Nathalie Bernce, CEO of SmarTech.

Vince And Kob


SmarTech is clearly doing something right. It’s reporting a 143 per cent above target boom year on year. It can be found in high-end department stores around the world, including Paris, Milan, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome, Zurich and Copenhagen, with another 10 stores opening within the next 12 months.

Visitors are advised to look out for: Royole FlexPai, a fully bendable smartphone tablet hybrid; Drink Ripples, offering customised cocktails with your name, face or emojis; Waterlight Graffiti, an art piece made up of thousands of LED lights and powered by water; Flipdisc, an eye-catching display of thousands of magnetic flipping discs which respond to movement; Sanbot, a voice-enabled home robot and Foodini, a 3D food printer.

Steve May

Inside ID Editor Steve May is a freelance lifestyle and technology journalist, who also writes for Ideal Home, the i, T3, Home Cinema CHoice, TechRadar and Trusted Reviews.

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