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posted on Tuesday, 13th June 2017 by Geny Caloisi

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Josh Cartu is a high achiever. A successful business entrepreneur and Ferrari race car driver, a position as the president of the Ferrari club, and now, the proud owner of the most technologically advanced home in Hungary.

The Canadian supercar enthusiast wanted to extend his love for avant-garde-technology into his bachelor pad in the centre of Budapest, Hungary. Josh grew up reading sci-fi magazines and watching Star Trek’s best loved characters use a PADD (or Personal Access Data Device as Trek super-fans may well know) to manipulate the environment around them. Never in his lifetime did Josh expect that he himself could replicate this same technology in his own home one day.

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However, thanks to Crestron, now he can. Joining forces with Amazon’s revolutionary Alexa, Crestron is the backbone to a bespoke, all-encompassing and intuitive smart home.

Crestron Installer Artur Zabludovsky was briefed for a project where the latest technology and design ideas were to be implemented into the modern living space for a young gentleman. The home had to reflect the perfect synergy between technology and design, meaning all equipment had to blend in seamlessly with the interior decoration.

Not only did the technology need to be ‘invisible’ but the automation had to be specific to Josh. Fully bespoke systems were to be designed and realised to synchronise with the homeowner’s lifestyle and preferences. This meant all lighting, heating and cooling, audio distribution, and digital media distribution would be programmed and designed specific to Josh’s preferences. All of these technologies were to be activated and adjusted from one unique user interface on all control panels across the home. Just one touch would be required to simultaneously dim the lights, adjust the temperature and to play Josh’s favourite playlist from Spotify.

Crestron - Sound Mania - Josh Cartu - Living Room 4

To achieve this work of art and technical prowess the entire design team, including the interior designer, architect and Crestron installer, had to be extremely flexible and creative throughout the planning stages and execution.

“This project was special. We needed a total custom solution - one that would be easy to upgrade with rock solid, top-of-the-range equipment that was joined with best in class support,” explains Artur Zabludovsky, founder of home automation specialist, Future Home Today. “Crestron was my first choice for this project because I know that it is capable of making dreams come true. And the dreams for this project were not easy to create.

I know and trust Crestron. I trust the products and the support team, and I know I will always have fantastic results because of this.”

Crestron - Sound Mania - Josh Cartu - I Phone

The most significant challenge that presented itself during this project was the complete camouflage of all technology. As a result of the sheer quantity of equipment needed to achieve the advanced level of home control and automation that Josh required, disguising all systems required careful planning and execution.

“Overcoming the greatest challenge for this project is where Crestron’s systems really came in to play. The beauty of the Crestron system is that it is all completely hidden aside from the touch panels or remote’s needed to control the systems,” says Phil Pini, Residential Busiiness Development Manager at Crestron. “Even then, everything can be made bespoke to our customer’s exact requirements. Be it blending in seamlessly with the living room wallpaper or personalised with a family name, we can adjust the design of our control panels to suit every individual. ”

Powered by Crestron’s SWAMP multi-room audio system and 4K DigitalMedia receiver, all AV sources are distributed throughout the home including the bathroom, bedroom and all living spaces. This level of automation is heightened in the bedrooms where, when a video source is selected, a projector and screen drop from the ceiling to create a personal and discreet home cinema experience from the comfort of the bed.

Crestron - Sound Mania - Josh Cartu - Dining Room

All lights, are automated and programmed with GLS sensors to automatically activate and dim depending on the room occupancy and activity. Further sensors are used throughout the home, including climate sensors, to report lighting conditions, room occupancy, temperature, humidity and CO2 levels back to the Crestron system.  This helps to maintain the property at comfortable levels all the time, whilst reducing wasted energy.  

To control, monitor and manage all of these systems from one screen, a bespoke user interface which is inspired by Josh’s childhood Star Trek dream has been created for three of Crestron’s pioneering touch panel screens including is TSW1060 control and a custom built signature 15.6” HD touchscreen.  

“What the Crestron system in this house achieves is truly exceptional. I can press a button and tell the house to play a title playlist and immediately I have my favourite song playing at the exact right volume in every room, even outside on the deck,” says homeowner, Josh Cartu. “I have never seen anything as design and technologically advanced in the home before. What I once thought was impossible has been made true thanks to Crestron.”


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Crestron leads the way in providing lifestyle electronics to the world’s smartest homes, most elegant hotels and to the leading lights of international business, and has pioneered the smart home and automation industry for over 40 years.

Geny Caloisi

Geny Caloisi is a technology and interiors journalist who has worked across a variety of industry publications.

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Posted by Paul Rios on 28th June 2017, 12:25 PM
This is really amazing! As a homeowner, I dream of this kind of home decoration and design. So I would like to follow the instructions of an interior designer and also taking the suggestion from different online sources. To get this kind of home interior and exterior, we should spend a huge amount of money and definitely this article inspire us to improve our home current condition.

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